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Coming soon....We are working with Tourism NB to prepare to offer tours to the public to showcase our herd and products, with an emphasis on sustainable farming that recognizes the role of each living thing on our property.

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We’re proud of how we produce highly “ethical” food, giving our sheep the healthiest, happiest lives possible. Our farm is bordered by a sparkling stretch of The Woolastok (St John) River where visitors can picnic or launch a canoe.

The “Back 40” is a network of rolling hay fields, great for a birdwatching summer stroll to admire the bald eagles, osprey, and owls. Our barns are home to not just sheep (rams, ewes and lambs) but also dozens of endangered barn swallows, sparrows, and other birds all busy building nests, hatching eggs, feeding on flies and other barnyard pests, and singing their songs.

If visitors are lucky, they’ll spot our weasel family who are on full-time mouse patrol (they turn white in the winter!).

Depending on the time of year, we will be offering demonstrations of shearing, trimming feet, gathering colostrum from a ewe, feeding our “bottle babies” warm milk, feeding oats and creep feed, mucking out, feeding round bales of hay, and herding the sheep. There’s always something interesting going on!