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Why Eat Lamb

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Our Lamb is always fresh, never frozen

We specialize in raising 100-120lb “market size” lambs to butcher in our provincially-inspected abattoir (butcher shop). We sell the meat wholesale and retail within the province, at farmer’s markets and in a few small grocery stores. All cuts of lamb are available on a weekly basis (availability will continue to improve as our herd grows in size), and customers can order one cut of meat or an entire lamb cut to their specifications.

Cuts of lamb include:

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We also sell raw wool professionally sheared from our adult sheep, priced by the pound or by the fleece (the wool from one entire sheep). We remove the large bits of manure and vegetable matter but we do not scour (wash) it. This wool is great for DIY craftspeople who are felting, weaving or spinning their own yarn. The wool comes in creamy white, gold, gray, black, or multi-coloured. Availability depends on the time of year (we shear in May). The majority of our wool goes to Briggs & Little Woolen Mills Ltd. to be made into yarn sold around the world


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